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Dental Consultation: What to expect

At your free dental consultation, we will spend about half an hour talking to you about your dental problems and what solutions are available to you. We will also look at your mouth to help us to see what the issues are with our own eyes.

Don’t worry. We will not be poking and prodding you, or taking moulds, or bombarding you with xrays and salesy-talk.

The benefits

The best thing about the consultation is that you get to meet us face to face and have a real conversation about what you wish to achieve – and where relevant – what has stopped you from coming before now.

By the end of the consultation, you will

  • Have a reasonable idea of whether you are suitable for the treatment that interests you  – over 95% of patients are
  • Have a very good idea of what your financial investment would be
  • Know that we are very easy to talk to, won’t patronise or put pressure on you, and that we appreciate that many of our patients are very nervous about our profession
  • Know whether we can work within your time-frame ie many patients come because they have a specific event which they want to smile at like a family wedding, holiday etc

No commitment

If you are happy to proceed with the next step (there is never any pressure to do this) then we will book your next appointment

To book a free consultation, please complete the form below to email us, and we will mail or call you back. Alternatively, call us first for a quick chat on 01708 371223

Refundable Deposit

We do ask for a small deposit to book, which is refundable on attending the clinic.