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Jamie’s Immediate Veneers 2

Jamie’s Immediate Veneers 1

Diastema closure and Class IV composite vanini technique


Complex orthodontic case with multiple missing teeth

This patient came to us with 2 big issues: he had a number of failing teeth in the lower jaw at the front. Due to gum (periodontal) disease these teeth had come loose and started to grow apart splaying out…

Teeth in a day case to replace wobbly/missing/failing teeth caused by gum disease in the upper jaw

This lady came to us with multiple failing teeth in the upper jaw. When she first came she thought all the lowers had failed too but we were able to save the lowers by carrying out a full course of…

Implants and Crowns (upper and lower)

This patient had lost all confidence in his appearance. This was affecting his work and relationships. He tried to avoid smiling or smiled with his lips together. When he laughed which was seldom, he raised a hand over his mouth….

In the beginning we simply listen

Poor appearance of the front teeth coupled with missing back teeth was getting this lady down. She couldn’t smile for fear of showing people her gaps and broken/chipped teeth, and she couldn’t eat because all the back teeth were missing…

The beauty of porcelain crowns on ageing teeth and implants

This lady was in her 70’s but still had most of her own teeth. They were just tired. Wear and tear and sub optimal dental work over the years had taken their toll. We replaced the missing back teeth allowing…

Not everyone wants to look like Rylan

This is especially true for some of our older patients who simply want to be able to look in the mirror without flinching. In these case patients are not in a desperate state, they have just suffered a gradual decline…

Failing teeth from Gum/Periodontal disease

This lady had all three. Within 2 months we had fixed a whole new set of teeth in place using Implant retained dentures upper and lower. Implant dentures are the most cost effective way of replacing a full jaw or…