Diane – Parents Lie!

You may recall my review of 28 August which followed an accident resulting in the loss of my r/h incisor. Well.. get this. Can you remember when you were young and had to have your fist tooth out??? You will probably recall the words “don’t worry my love, it will soon be over and you only have to go through this ONCE”! Well thats not true… As the only person I know that has had the same tooth extracted twice I hope you find the this review both funny and educational.

Shortly after my accident and the extraction of what was remaining of my smashed tooth, a rather unsightly and uncomfortable lump appeared on my upper lip. Everyone I spoke to told me that is was scar tissue! Some eight weeks in, the lump started to cause me significant discomfort and anxiety. I was feeling ‘strange’ and experiencing extreme facial sweats. hmmmm says Diane off to bother my local GP (Dr Kwan) and bore the pants off him with my never ending tooth story and moaning about the lump. I always knew that something wasn’t quite right but when my doctor recommended an x ray and put me on antibiotics I was then convinced that me instincts were correct.

Andrew Fennell to the rescue – he x rayed the soft tissue for me (which for your information Queens Hospital on the night of the accident omitted to do!) and guess what… half of the smashed tooth was embedded in my cheek (upper lip). To Andrew’s credit he arranged to extract the tooth (again) the very same day. He personally performed the surgical procedure with the utmost care and sympathy. I am delighted to report that within hours the swelling had subsided and I was back on solid foods (all be it an indian curry) the very next day.

So that’s the proof – PARENTS LIE.

I consider myself very lucky to have two important men in my life – my GP and dentist. THANK YOU BOTH

For those of you who find this dribble interesting (get a life) but my next update will follow the implant procedure (late Dec/early Jan).