Linda S – Helping with Nerves

Over the course of a few years, the issues I had with my teeth led to more and more problems, not only with eating, but with facing people too. Phobia since childhood didn’t help either. After doing extensive research, I decided to contact Winning Smiles for their free consultation, and what a difference that made!

As a nervous patient, I didn’t need to sit in “The chair” at that consultation, I just chatted to Andrew, told him of my fears and problems, and he resolved to help me.

Andrew and his team are second to none. The professionalism, care, staff attitudes, even the environment leave you in no doubt that you are in good hands. Now, after extensive treatment, I feel I can smile again, my confidence is returning, and I have Andrew, and the rest of the team to thank. I cannot recommend their services highly enough.

Dental Review Notes:

Thank you for the review, its kind of you to take the trouble, we hope it will help other people. Many suffer from what ‘they’ feel is an irrational feeling of fear, but we know it is quite natural and more common that you might think, nothing to be embarrassed about. Often this fear is the result of traumatic childhood visits to the dentist. We know that taking the right amount of time and communicating ‘what’s going on’ is helping with nerves in many cases.