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Dental Bridges or Dental Implants

A video!

Andrew explains the pros and cons of the implants vs bridges argument and why he generally prefers to use dental implants to replace missing teeth these days. This is the blog about dental bridges referred to in the video.

Length: 1 minute 50 seconds.

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    • Andrew says

      Hi Phil,
      thanks for your interest and query. A well made dental bridge will not adversely affect the gums but bridges do impart extra load to their support teeth. Obviously if 3 teeth are on a bridge to replace a singl missing tooth then the 2 bridge supports either side of the gap will have to shoulder the load of 3 teeth – an extra 50% each. Over a long period this can accelerate the wear and tear on the bridge supports and lead to their failure. In this instance the patient ends up with 2 missing teeth rather than 1 in the long term. I prefer to replace single missing teeth with implant teeth which carry their own load and actually help to reduce the wear and tear on their neighbours.

      Furthermore those bridge support teeth have to ground down to make room for the bridge to be cemented on top and drilling has been proved to cause damage to the nerves inside teeth. These teeth often end up needing root canal treatment at a later date which further weakens them (and reduces the life of the bridge).

      I hope that helps to clarify?

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