Pain free dentistry, the secret ingredients

I’ve written before about pain free dentistry, and that it shouldn’t be an optional ‘extra’. We’re all human, and none of us would look forward to needles and discomfort. We always use the dental wand to make the visit as painless as possible.

But, although this technology has been around for a while, most new patients are as wary as ever.

I’m hoping that some day this worry might simply just go away. It would certainly make for less stress the day before the visit – from most people’s accounts.

But a good friend set me thinking about this again the other day whilst in the chair. He asked if we were busy or not, which we pretty much always are. Its a common question, and then it dawned on me, as he was looking around.

He has a very sensitive mouth, and I can almost go and make a cup of tea whilst we’re waiting for him to be ready for treatment – except it’s nice to have the time catch up.

But the secret ingredient – its a ‘time’ thing

People do vary in the amount of time it takes for their mouths to numb. And the key is definitely ‘not to rush’. Don’t rush the anaesthetic, use the proper amount according to the patient, and don’t rush the treatment.

It’s been fairly second nature for quite some time in dentistry, and so perhaps we didn’t tell everyone we needed to (hence this post).

My view is that with the right planning, there is time to do everything we need to and communicate, which is our other key tool!

Time and communication.

Perhaps I will ask Damien to write about the dental sedation skills he’s bringing to the practice too, it might be useful for people to know a bit more about that, and we often work together. Watch this space.

update: Andrew recorded a video about the dental wand


  1. Update: We had a comment from Bob Smith, who didn’t leave an email address unfortunately, but he had the following question…

    “Do you know any treatment that provides painless extractions not painless injections ??

    With all the advances in science I’m sure that there should be something better than painless injections , it’s just because in my case that experience was so bad that I’m very terrified of going to the dentist .

    Thanks for taking the time to read I wait and hope someone can help…”

    We wanted to emphasise that the painless dentistry philosophy extends to the extraction of teeth as well as the injections.

    Taking enough time really is the difference. There will generally be ‘some’ soreness once the painkillers have worn off, but the procedures themselves are more ‘uncomfortable’ than painful as the whole area is numbed.

    It’s a sad, but inevitable really, that a person’s previous bad experience won’t let them believe in the advances that we’ve made, until they’ve decided to give it another go. It’s why we encourage our patients to leave their feedback on our review page, hopefully some comfort to those worried about it.

    It’s entirely natural to be nervous and we’re very happy to talk this through with you before we get anywhere near treatment. Come and see us for a chat and get comfortable with the team.

  2. I am pleased to say that I am genuinely fearless and happy visiting Winning Smiles every time. I KNOW that painless injections work, as I have had 4 teeth out, and lots of other dental work using this method. I am more than happy to make the 20 mile journey, and I know that many other patients travel a lot further for this fantastic treatment. I was a nervous wreck at first, as I did not know what to expect. Thankfully all my fears were quickly melted away. Please trust me, and please trust Winning Smiles as they won’t let you down. Thanks a lot from Ruth Archer

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