How do you find a busy dentist?

Orthodontics in Romford, Essex | Winning Smiles Dental Clinic

We have just posted a description of the kind (of) dentist that we are seeking to join us at the Winning Smiles dental practice.

The dentist vacancy has been created by a steady increase in patient numbers over the last couple of years. And the only way we can continue being able to serve more people whilst still giving patients the time they deserve, is to find some help. We’re nothing if not logical around here.

So if anyone reading this knows someone special in the field of dentistry, if you would be kind enough to point this job out to them, then we would be very grateful. We feel we should ask because we know that special people are always busy and aren’t always looking for a new role at exactly the time the perfect opportunity comes up!

We’ll update you on our search when we have some news.

The Winning Smiles Team.