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The Natural Beauty of Porcelain/Ceramic Crowns and Veneers

This patient was tired of her teeth looking old and stained and yellow. She didn’t want to have Super-White teeth but she wanted to show more teeth when smiling, without them being yellow or having noticeable brown stains. The had become all different shapes and sizes over the years and were more and more crooked. First we listened and made notes. Then we designed the new smile using Digital scanning and photography. Our Master ceramist made up a temporary set of crowns for the patient to try out to see if our digital designing was as good as we thought it was ‘in the mouth’.


So the patient got to test drive her new teeth for 2 weeks and then came back to give us feedback about them – what she liked, what she didn’t. We modified the temporary teeth until she was happy and then fabricated and fitted the final Ceramic crowns.

The whole process took 4 weeks.