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Diastema closure and Class IV composite vanini technique

Diastema Closure in Romford, Essex | Winning Smiles Dental Clinic


In the beginning we simply listen

We Simply Listen to your Dental Concerns | Cosmetic Dentistry in Romford, Essex | Winning Smiles Dental Clinic

Poor appearance of the front teeth coupled with missing back teeth was getting this lady down. She couldn’t smile for fear of showing people her gaps and broken/chipped teeth, and she couldn’t eat because all the back teeth were missing…

The beauty of porcelain crowns on ageing teeth and implants

Porcelain Crowns and Ageing | Cosmetic Dentistry in Romford, Essex

This lady was in her 70’s but still had most of her own teeth. They were just tired. Wear and tear and sub optimal dental work over the years had taken their toll. We replaced the missing back teeth allowing…

Many of us want a more natural look

Not Everyone Wants to Look Like Rylan | Cosmetic Dentistry in Romford, Essex | Winning Smiles Dental Clinic

This is especially true for some of our older patients who simply want to be able to look in the mirror without flinching. In these case patients are not in a desperate state, they have just suffered a gradual decline…

The Natural Beauty of Porcelain/Ceramic Crowns and Veneers

This patient was tired of her teeth looking old and stained and yellow. She didn’t want to have Super-White teeth but she wanted to show more teeth when smiling, without them being yellow or having noticeable brown stains. The had…

Missing front tooth

missing front tooth before and after

This young chap came to us in his late 20s. He had a sports injury playing rugby in his teens which had knocked out the tooth. He had been wearing an old denture ever since. He was starting a new…

Smile Makeover Upper Denture Replacement

When this lady came to us, she had been thinking for a long time that she was beyond the point where she could regain her smile. A lot of people think this…