White filling photos

More work inspired in Italy, crafted in Romford, Essex. We’re proud of this one

Readers are invited to guess which one is the filling, and which one is the crown.

I would take the opportunity to mention that our white fillings are always guaranteed to stay in.


  1. The photo of the man who has had his gap closed looks fantastic.
    I wanted to ask the dentist a question if possible.
    I have a white filling on mine to close the gap but there is still a small gap. My natural gap is about 1mm. (two front teeth)
    I have had the filling since I was 13 I am now 33. Its a bit worn now and slighlty chipped but doesnt look that bad.
    However I am thinking of getting it redone.
    The only reason why I am hesitating is because I am scared of it not rebonding as well the second time around and I dont want to have it redone then start having problems I would rather leave it looking a little worn. Also if I have it redone I want the gap closing fully as I still hate the little gap.
    Do you think I am worrying for nothing and just go for it.
    My dentist seems to want to do veeners which I dont want I think its because he doesnt like bonding He seems to say it may not rebond as well the second time around But I am not sure whether he is correct or just wants to sell me veeners.

  2. Hi Jo,

    without actually seeing your case I can’t be entirely accurate in my assessment of the situation re. bonding to close the gap between your front teeth.

    However as far as I am aware there is no reason why the ‘bond’ can’t be as strong or stronger after removing the old repair, and with the right technique it should be possible to close the gap further for you.

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