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Straightening Teeth without Visible Braces

Dental Services: Orthodontics, Invisalign

Simpli 5 is a basic clear aligner system that is great for straightening slightly crooked or spaced teeth.  There are 5 clear gum shields that are almost invisible when worn; by changing these every month, the teeth are gradually moved in to a straight line.  Treatment typically takes around 6 months.

Straightening Teeth without Visible BracesStraightening Teeth without Visible Braces after

It is great if:

  • You have slightly crooked front teeth
  • You want as fast and cost effective solution
  • You have had a brace before but the teeth have moved

The young man was unhappy with the mild crowding in his front teeth, but he didn’t want a fixed brace stuck on to the teeth.  Simpli 5 was an ideal solution because it was quick and discreet, and he could take it out for an evening if he was going out!

Straightening Teeth without Visible Braces beforeStraightening Teeth without Visible Braces after 2

Simpli 5 treatment for just the upper teeth costs £1100 to practice plan members