Dental Hygienists

Our Team of Dental hygienists work 6 days a week optimising the oral health of our patients by a combination of oral health education and sophisticated, gentle plaque and tartar removal techniques

Periodontal disease, gum disease and more recently peri-implantitis are problems which have become widespread among patients in the UK. Left untreated these diseases lead to wobbly teeth that fall out or have to be extracted. Peri-implantitis causes implants to lose the bone, holding them in and can lead to them falling out and failing. Halitosis, bad breath, discoloured, teeth that become too long and gaps when patients smile are all caused by poor oral health.

The key to resolving these problems is regular visits to a hygienist (and in some cases an initial course of intensive gum disease treatment). Often teeth and dental implants can be saved from failure using these techniques.

At Winning Smiles, our hygienists are dedicated and specially trained to eliminate these problems, saving teeth and implants and eliminating the worry and stress that comes with them.

Meet Our Hygienists