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Total Implant Makeover

Dental Services: Full Mouth Dental Implants

This lady came to us in a desperate state. She had lost all confidence and had become a recluse because she was unable to smile due to the condition of her teeth and gums. She had advanced gum (periodontal) disease and a patchwork history of bits of dentistry here, there, and everywhere in her mouth. In cases like this, the damage is often as severe under the gums as it is on the teeth that are on show and we needed to start from scratch with a completely new set of implant-supported teeth upper and lower.


This is life-changing treatment and what we specialise in. The age range for patients who have this treatment is 28 – 88 years.

Treatment duration: half of these cases are done as ‘Teeth in a day’ cases and half of them (where bone grafts are needed) takes around 3 months to complete. The patient is never left without teeth.

A typical patient with these problems will come to us super-nervous but within 2 or 3 appointments the anxiety tends to ease up as they know we will be treating them with extra TLC! We may ask you to stop smoking and you will get to know our hygiene team rather well!