Bone Grafts

I’m incredibly grateful to them.

I had advanced gum disease and missing/ failing teeth. The worse they got the harder it was to fix. I was so terrified of both the dentist and of being judged for allowing things to get so bad that I couldn’t even phone. In a brave moment, I filled in the contact section of the Winning Smiles website. Denise phoned me the following day. She listened, was sympathetic and booked me in for a consultation with Andrew. At our first meeting, I had scans and Andrew explained what treatments I was suitable for. I was given detailed costs of my options and I left to consider them without pressure. I opted for both upper and lower implants. Andrew explained my best chance of a good outcome was to have immediate fixed teeth on the bottom and a temporary denture at the top while my bone grafts/implants healed and integrated. The surgery was a long day but at no point was I in any pain or discomfort. Andrew and his dental nurse Sam checked on me constantly and reassured me throughout. I left with fixed lower teeth and a temporary upper denture. The next day I was slightly swollen but much better than I had expected which I told Andrew when he phoned to check on me. The remainder of my treatment was done over the following few months without pain or stress. Fast forward to today when I had my first check-up since my upper teeth were fitted. I can’t describe how thrilled I am with the final results. I smile without thinking about it, eat what I want and my general health has greatly improved. My new teeth look amazing but very natural which was exactly the look I wanted. I’m no longer terrified of the dentist and happily attend my checkups/hygiene appointments. My treatment was fantastic from start to finish and I can’t recommend Andrew, Sam and the team more highly. I really wish I’d found them sooner. This has really been a life-changing experience and I’m incredibly grateful to them.

Michelle Gill

This review is a long time coming but something I keep meaning to do.

Andrew is a star. I had my top implants done must be nearly 2 years ago.

Like most I had a phobia for dentistry but I was left with little choice as my gums were receding and my top teeth were falling out. It was going to be false teeth or implants .

Implants it was. Of course, I was terrified having all my teeth taken out. I also had to undergo a bone graft so I was in it for the long haul.

It was the best decision I ever made. Honestly, it’s not as bad as you might think. The team make you comfortable and they go above and beyond to make this scary process worth the wait. My teeth look amazing.

2 years on Andrew has become my trusted friend and when you are having such major work done that is the relationship you want.

The whole team at Winning Smiles are first class. Thank you all for everything your kindness and hard work and of course putting up with me.

Would I recommend it… it goes without question. If you choose to have implants Andrew is defo the best.

Astounded By Level of Care

I left the RAF about 14 years ago and never got round to signing-up with a civilian dentist. About a year ago an upper front crown came loose so I had to get it sorted out. For many years “getting my teeth done” had been on my bucket list and I decided it was finally time to (carefully) bite the bullet. I drive a taxi for a living and Winning Smiles was recommended to me by a random customer – who had a perfect smile. I only met the guy that one time and wish I could track him down to thank him.

Anyway, I booked myself in for a check up and that’s where my journey began. Since then I’ve had loads of work done – including fillings, crowns, root canal work, a bone graft, removal of a cyst, extraction of a wisdom tooth, bleaching and an implant.

Having spent 30 years being treated by military dentists I’m astounded by the level of care and professionalism of the Winning Smiles team. The receptionists are brilliant – super efficient, friendly and always smiling – and they do all have fabulous smiles! As for Charlotte, Jamie, Lauren and head honcho Andrew – wow, all outstanding and extremely good at what they do. Doctor Fennel is a master of the dark art of cosmetic dentistry, a true perfectionist who oh so obviously loves his job.

My teeth are now back to how they should be (far better, in fact) and I can’t thank the Winning Smiles team enough. The upper front crown (put in by a RAF dentist) that came loose and started me on my journey had been in there for about 40 years and had always been a few shades whiter than my other teeth so I’d got used to “smiling with my mouth closed”. Nowadays I’m just getting the hang of smiling properly – and I love it!

My only regret is that I didn’t do this many years ago and, if you’re reading this and thinking of “getting your teeth done”, I urge you to take the plunge and give Winning Smiles a call – you won’t regret it!

Nervous of Bone Grafts

Thank you to Andrew and Toni and all the staff, who made me very welcome and comfortable being there. I have had bone graft and implants and teeth filed down also had a veneer done which I am so happy about thanks to Andrew and Toni they have brought a smile back to my life and now I’m looking forward to getting married next year as I was worried about what my teeth looked like. I recommend if you want bone graft or implants and you are nervous this is the place to come👍