Dental Hygiene Appointments

At Winning Smiles in Harold Wood, Romford we have dedicated (in both senses of the word) dental hygienists, and their sole task is to take good care of our patients. Our technique is of the gentle variety.

Everybody is welcome.

Rules introduced in 2013 allow us to offer dental hygiene services without the need to see a dentist. The first appointment will be an hour, and thereafter according to needs.

At the same time, our appointments make sure that our clients have optimal oral health alongside our Cosmetic work, Orthodontics and Implants, it is often the first step.

To maintain the optimum level of health in your mouth and ensure that all our treatment looks good for years and years we utilise our 12 point oral health check every six months.

Twelve Point Plan

  1. Assessing general condition of teeth.
  2. Checks on fillings and other restorations for defects.
  3. Tooth wear assessment.
  4. Check for gum infection and disease.
  5. Oral hygiene assessment.
  6. Oral cancer screening.
  7. Diet analysis and counselling for decay control and prevention.
  8. Assessment of dental aesthetics
  9. Oral hygiene monitoring and advice for the prevention of gum disease

Why not contact us?

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The Free Consultation

Without seeing things for ourselves, we can’t tell people what their options are.

And so with that in mind, we are happy to offer free consultations, as this is a big decision for most people. We are careful to take budget, comfort and appearance into account when explaining all the available choices and there is never any pressure to proceed, and certainly not on the day.

We set out to be a friendly practice and try to provide everybody with what’s right for them, at an affordable cost. We hope our dentist reviews give that impression.

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General Dentistry Price List

The following costs for General Dentistry are correct when written, but they can change. We will provide written pricing for each ‘cosmetic treatment’ as part of our free consultation.You don’t have to be a member to have treatment at Winning Smiles.

Dental Plan£21.85/month
Treatment TypeMember Pricing From
Routine ExaminationIncluded
Routine Small x-raysIncluded
Airflow Stain Removal - All Teeth£35
OPG (Large Panoramic X-ray)£105
New Patient Examination + two x-rays£130
Full Case Assessment - Implants£175
CT Scan£180
Hygiene ClinicMember Pricing From
Routine Hygiene£65

What they say about us

Losing teeth through gum disease

Having suffered from gum disease and lost several teeth my wife nagged me into seeking remedial treatment.
I researched treatment both in the UK and Overseas, but being self-employed I really could not afford to take time off and have extensive visits overseas so finding a local specialist I could trust was paramount.

Andrew and his team are indeed one of the most professional you will find and their expertise and understanding of your needs becomes apparent very quickly.
All of my treatment was carried out on premises including CT Scans and Implant surgery saving me valuable days of time and travelling.

I can honestly say the only discomfort in the 4 months of treatment I recieved was getting used to my temporary dentures and Andrew made this very clear from the start that this wouldnt be easy. He was right!

Even the two hour Hygenist session I needed before Implants was painless.

However, treatment now over I now have my IRD’s fitted they look brilliant, fit and work perfectly with no glue, pastes or powders to keep them in place. I am now eating normally again (which I havent done for years) and most of all enjoying smiling at everyone!

If you have any concerns about your teeth, gums or appearance go and see the team at Winning-Smiles – it could change your life, not just your appearance.

Angela – A family affair

Just finished eight months of treatment which included 4 implants. Everyone is friendly and helpful. Four out of five members of my family have been treated by either Andrew or Michael all with amazing results.

I would recommend Winning Smiles to anyone.