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Painless Procedure

I was recommended Winning Smiles by a friend of mine after a previous bad experience with another dentist. I met Andrew for a consultation at the end of may and knew instantly he was a very decent human being but more importantly a very good dentist. During my initial appointment he explained both thoroughly and simply every stage of my treatment. Now just four months later I have a full set of upper jaw implants and two single implants on my lower jaw. I just cannot emphasis the improvement in my appearance and ability to eat everything. Finally I just want to stress how painless the whole procedure was and have no hesitation in recommending Andrew and all the other helpful members of staff.  Thanks for everything

Fantastic Job

Having put up with my dodgy teeth for a long time I decided to have a chat winning smiles .

I met Jamie who advised me on the best treatment for me . Very professional , had all the answers and did a fantastic job. 2 new crowns and filled a gap where I had a tooth removed years ago. I am very happy with the results and highly recommend these guys. Very professional and friendly . The only pain was the price but that’s the going rate for this kind of work. Thanks

Second Implant Fitted

When my dentist suggested a tooth needed to be removed and I should consider an implant ….. I was slightly horrified. Thankfully his recommendation was Andrew and his amazing team at ‘Winning Smiles’. From the lovely Denise on reception through to Andrew the team were professional and reassuring. Today I had my second implant / tooth fitted. I feel amazing and became overwhelmed as I thanked Andrew tonight.

This investment in your smile is worth every penny and I’m just beyond thankful I didn’t go anywhere else. Thanks, everyone. Have a well earned holiday Andrew. See you all in 6 months 😀

Astounded By Level of Care

I left the RAF about 14 years ago and never got round to signing-up with a civilian dentist. About a year ago an upper front crown came loose so I had to get it sorted out. For many years “getting my teeth done” had been on my bucket list and I decided it was finally time to (carefully) bite the bullet. I drive a taxi for a living and Winning Smiles was recommended to me by a random customer – who had a perfect smile. I only met the guy that one time and wish I could track him down to thank him.

Anyway, I booked myself in for a check up and that’s where my journey began. Since then I’ve had loads of work done – including fillings, crowns, root canal work, a bone graft, removal of a cyst, extraction of a wisdom tooth, bleaching and an implant.

Having spent 30 years being treated by military dentists I’m astounded by the level of care and professionalism of the Winning Smiles team. The receptionists are brilliant – super efficient, friendly and always smiling – and they do all have fabulous smiles! As for Charlotte, Jamie, Lauren and head honcho Andrew – wow, all outstanding and extremely good at what they do. Doctor Fennel is a master of the dark art of cosmetic dentistry, a true perfectionist who oh so obviously loves his job.

My teeth are now back to how they should be (far better, in fact) and I can’t thank the Winning Smiles team enough. The upper front crown (put in by a RAF dentist) that came loose and started me on my journey had been in there for about 40 years and had always been a few shades whiter than my other teeth so I’d got used to “smiling with my mouth closed”. Nowadays I’m just getting the hang of smiling properly – and I love it!

My only regret is that I didn’t do this many years ago and, if you’re reading this and thinking of “getting your teeth done”, I urge you to take the plunge and give Winning Smiles a call – you won’t regret it!

One Hundred Percent Recommended

Absolutely Fantastic Team. I would 100% recommend Winning Smiles, from the minute I walked in I knew that is where I wanted my Dental Work to be done after trying various other Clinics. Andrew is amazing and I felt very comfortable throughout my treatment. Thanks to all the team there.

Highly Recommend This Clinic

very friendly and professional service
clean . reasonable price
highly recommend this clinic

This Has Changed My Life

Please if you are thinking of having implants visit Winning Smiles in Romford before you go anywhere else.

For years I was terrified of the dentist and my teeth were in a dreadful state. I cannot tell you how hard it was to walk into Winning Smiles just to get more information. From the first visit I knew I had come to the right place, all of the staff were so patient and kind, just what I needed. It has been four months since I had all on four implants top and bottom. I can honestly say that this has changed my life.

For years prior to this I could only eat food which was soft, now I am eating apples and crunchy salads the things that I missed eating the most. I am quite a happy person but before this I was covering my mouth when I smiled or spoke to people. Now I no longer have to do that and I cannot stop smiling.

My Confidence has grown and my health has significantly improved as I can now make better food choices. At no time during this procedure was I in pain, and I had no pain following the procedure. Now I look in the mirror and still find it hard to believe these are my teeth. I an indebted to Andrew and his team I feel like I did thirty years ago.

Upper Jaw Implants – Painless!

Had a full upper jaw implant procedure 3 weeks ago and I’m absolutely delighted with the results. My smile has returned and confidence restored, from the initial consultation with Andrew Fennell his whole staff were totally professional and extremely caring. Special mention to Lauren the hygienist, Denise on reception, Toni who assisted during the procedure, Jim the technician and or course Andrew an absolute superstar.

I had some swelling immediately afterwards but almost no pain and it now is staring to feel natural. Thanks to all at winning smiles.

Highly Recommended Team

Brilliant service from day one. Denise the receptionist was very informative on my first phone call, explaining the consultation process. I was seen by Andrew who is very professional, making me feel very comfortable with the treatment I received, talking through and explaining all possible treatment options. Would highly recommend Andrew and all the Winning Smiles Team.

Great Service, Friendly Team

What a great service and friendly helpful and caring team
Andrew and all the team made me feel relaxed before and during my dental treatment as I was unsure beforehand what to expect. I feel like a different person to the 1 before and I cannot recommend Winning smiles enough.

Thank you to all at Winning smiles

Wow, Full Set of Implants

I was recommended to winning smiles by a friend as I had badly fitted dentures, And after a full set of implants, all I can say is wow! You should see me smile now, no stopping me,

From the first appointment I have been made to feel at ease and my Severe fear of dentists has gone out of the window,
It’s amazing that a full set of implants can change my life so much, would highly recommend winning smiles to everyone

Thanks again

Painless and Considerate Dentistry

Found all the staff really nice and helpful.

Arrived being a real nervous patient that could not smile due to horrible looking teeth and I now have the confidence to smile all the time.

Thank you to Andrew and his team for the painless and considerate treatment they gave me. Would recommend them to everyone

Changed My Confidence

I went to Winning Smiles for instant veneers as I have always been self-conscious about my smile and have spent my adult life hiding from the camera.

Friends and family told me there was nothing wrong with my teeth but I just didn’t like them at all. Found out about this treatment whilst researching porcelain veneers – instants were much cheaper, don’t damage the teeth and done in an afternoon.

Was very nervous going in but absolutely love them – and friends and family who thought I didn’t need it are amazed at the results and can’t believe what a positive difference it’s made, not only cosmetically but to my confidence as well.

Thank you.!

Winning Smiles Gave me My Life Back

Thank god for Winning Smiles you have literally given me my life back! I hadn’t seen the inside of a dentist for 15+ years! Finding Winning Smiles has changed my life I had a few loose teeth but I can’t thank Charlotte enough she straight away put me at ease and after taking out my teeth pain-free yes pain-free I was shocked I have a partial denture which is great.

I got to the stage where I wasn’t smiling, talking with my mouth covered! From the first phone call to now and I still have a way to go but I no longer have the fear I quite look forward to going!

I couldn’t recommend Winning Smiles enough I’m no longer afraid of the dentist and they have literally turned my life around and I’m only at the beginning of my treatment and after 3 weeks I can write a review like this!

I’ll leave an even better one when I finished!

Nervous Implant Patient

Just finished having a full set of implants, cannot recommend highly enough, from start to finish it has been a 5* journey as I’m a very nervous patient and was put at ease all the way through, with amazing results,

I now have a smile to be proud of

Anxious Patient – Delighted

I have just finished my treatment with Winning Smiles, I had three single porcelain implants. I cannot praise Andrew and his team highly enough. I was a very anxious patient, but they have reassured and made me comfortable during every visit.

I am absolutely delighted with the treatment I have received, and would highly recommend Andrew and the Winning Smiles team

Brilliant Team

I found winning smiles online about one year ago, Andrew and his team, including the girls that run the reception, have been brilliant to me, going out of their way to refer me and chasing up hospital appointments.

All the work I had done including cosmetic, as well as implants, is to the highest standard possible, I am amazed by the technology used at the clinic and their very high standards on every aspect. I would definitely recommend winning smiles to friends and family!

Will Never Go Anywhere Else

I went to Andrew feeling so depressed after having a denture made for one tooth (elsewhere). I had a denture that did not fit and I had ulcerated mouth. Andrew SOON PUT THIS RIGHT AND I HAD AN IMPLANT PLUS A VENEER WHICH COVERED A DISCOLOURED TOOTH, THIS MADE ALL MY TEETH LOOK WHITER. SO PLEASED WITH RESULTS. LOOK FORWARD TO VISITING ANDREW and his wonderful staff.

Will never go anywhere else

Wonderful Staff

The staff are wonderful. I did not feel like I was in a dentist. Such a friendly, happy atmosphere. Always pleasant. Thank you girls

Helpful and Friendy Staff

Very friendly and helpful staff, great service.

Will definitely be going back here in the future.