Implant Bridge to Replace Missing Teeth: Case Study

The end result

This picture shows the results of the implant and upper bridge – the patient is also due back soon so can that we can either improve or replace the remaining lower front teeth.

I’m not at liberty to show the ‘before pics’ for this case, however suffice to say – everyone was delighted with the results so far: 12 shiny new implant-bridge teeth in the upper jaw (supported by 7 implants) plus 4 strong new molars to make eating a far more pleasurable experience.

I will update this case study with a final ‘end result’ picture when we have it.

Patient situation

When this lady came to see us she had been so nervous that she had literally been hiding from the dentist for decades (not to mention hiding her teeth from everyone else). She had just 3 teeth left in the top jaw, which, due to infection, were literally hanging on by a thread; yet were also trying to support an understandably ill-fitting denture. In the lower jaw there were just 6 front and 3 intermediate (bicuspid) teeth, with no back teeth (molars) at all.

Winning Smiles solution

We placed 7 implants, to support a bridge of 12 teeth in the top jaw and 4 implants in the lower jaw to replace the missing lower molars. The surgery was performed under sedation so that the patient couldn’t even remember it afterwards, a nice way of doing this work for someone who is very nervous.

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