Sleep Apnoea / Stop Snoring

A device to replace the CPAP machine

Winning Smiles was asked to fit a mouth device to help someone suffering from sleep apnoea – also known as OSA – which often causes EDS (excessive daytime sleepiness).

Many patients are treated using the CPAP machine which is a mask worn overnight that forces air through the mouth and nose and down into the lungs to improve oxygenation for snoring/sleep apnoea sufferers.

John – along with many OSA patients – found the CPAP machine noisy, uncomfortable and intrusive and he was looking for a more comfortable way to eliminate his apnoea and snoring.

Anti Snoring Device

We fitted an anti-snoring device from S4S for John. It didn’t seem all that dramatic to us, but the patient called and thanked us, saying that the snoring appliance fitted by Winning Smiles had changed his life – not only is he feeling energised and more alert during the day now but he has been allowed to drive again (see below).

When the airway is blocked, it stops people from breathing – it’s worse when lying down.
It’s like people can’t breathe every 20 seconds, and it wakes them up. Like being strangled all night slowly

Daytime sleepiness

Excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS) is caused by insufficient oxygen entering the body and poor quality sleep caused by multiple wakings. It’s a common side effect and makes it extremely difficult to achieve what you need during the day.

Effects of EDS include an inability to concentrate, poor memory, reduction in performance and, in extreme cases, can lead to the sufferer falling asleep unexpectedly.

Sleepiness has even been found to increase the chances of having an accident whilst driving by seven times,

Which is one of the biggest problems for sufferers.


The diagnosis of Sleep Apnoea must be reported to the DVLA by law these days:

You must tell DVLA if you have: confirmed moderate or severe obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome ( OSAS ), with excessive sleepiness. either narcolepsy or cataplexy, or both. any other sleep condition that has caused excessive sleepiness for at least 3 months – including suspected or confirmed mild OSAS.

Furthermore, your sleep specialist must evaluate your level of sleep apnoea and ultimately your fitness to drive.

Once car or motorcycle driving licence holders are being successfully treated for OSA, they will be able to drive safely again. This may be reviewed every three years by a sleep specialist.

They do this by measuring your overnight oxygen levels using a monitor. Once these levels fall below a set threshold, the level of sleep apnoea is deemed hazardous for driving, and the patient is disallowed from driving.

Anti Snoring Device

The anti-snoring device looks like an upper and lower removable brace with a hook at the front which is engaged to pull the mandible forwards and open the airway when you sleep. Although wearing these devices takes some getting used to, patients report that they are less intrusive (and quieter) than CPAP machines.

Important: the success rate for these devices is 80% which means that 20% of OSA sufferers will still need CPAP

What is Sleep Apnoea?

A condition where your breathing stops and starts while you sleep.
It’s estimated up to ten million people in the UK have some form of the condition.

Feel free to tell us your story, and we’d be glad to see if we can help.

The Free Consultation

Without seeing things for ourselves, we can’t tell people what their options are.

And so with that in mind, we are happy to offer free consultations, as this is a big decision for most people. We are careful to take budget, comfort and appearance into account when explaining all the available choices and there is never any pressure to proceed, and certainly not on the day.

We set out to be a friendly practice and try to provide everybody with what’s right for them, at an affordable cost. We hope our dentist reviews give that impression.

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