Painless Injections

It is completely common to worry about dental treatment, and we brought in painless injections many years ago.

We provide this facility for everyone, without exception, and our new patients are often surprised as they didn’t know it existed. Not all dental practices have seen the light.

Winning Smiles have extensive experience with anxious patients, and we help people with a mixture of considerate dentists, medical technology and a willingness to take our time and listen to people’s feedback and concerns.

How can injections be painless?

Often injections can be painful, or have been in the past, and cause patients to worry about this numbing more than the treatment itself.

Start with painless injections

We feel it is important to make this entirely painless too.

Starting an appointment with a painful injection is starting off on entirely the wrong foot!

At Winning Smiles, we use a local anaesthetic, the same as any other Dentist. However, we administer it with the Dental Wand.

The Dental Wand

The Dental Wand releases a small dose of anaesthetic so that the area is being numbed before the needle goes in. This means a pain-free injection for everyone, every time.

We use this technique for every level of treatment, whether it is children or adults.

Some dentists charge extra to use this technology – but for us it is at the heart of our painless dental philosophy, not an optional extra!

What about someone with a sensitive mouth?

We also use a numbing gel prior to using our Wand – this may not always be necessary with The Wand, however, we prefer the belt and braces approach in such an important area of our work.

Some patients feel if the anaesthetic is cold in their gums and for patients with sensitivities this can also cause pain whilst numbing. We counteract this by only using an anaesthetic that is pre-warmed to your body temperature.

Why have I not heard of this?

This is a method we have been using for ten years and we have had fantastic reviews from customers on how comfortable our treatments are, mainly through the use of painless injections.

And finally – the most important ingredient?

We take our time – anaesthetic does not take effect ‘at the speed of light’!

If your experience of fillings is a sharp pain from the injection followed by a dentist drilling the tooth before it has gone properly numb: no wonder people would suffer from Pain and Fear.

We take a human being very seriously, with respect. If you are scared, then it is not your fault, this is not a rational feeling and that…. is perfectly fine. We are very used to highly nervous patients.

The most important thing is taking time, both for communication, and taking the time to make sure people are comfortable. Just waiting for the dental wand to take effect is almost the whole battle.

If you are very concerned, by all means, you are welcome to bring someone with you, both for the consultation and if you decide to continue to treatment. Those people can be your eyes and ears whilst you close yours.

Why not come in and talk it through?

Our advice is to book in for a conversation, come in and have a look around; making it real is the first step. The reality is so much better than the thought.

We offer free consultations and there is never any pressure whatsoever, and we won’t do work on the day.

Our reviews show that many many people feel complete joy at breaking through a block in their lives (as well as having nicer teeth).