Full Mouth Dental Implants

At Winning Smiles, we regularly provide full mouth dental implants to replace all the teeth, as well as for single missing teeth, or a few missing teeth. Here we outline the best methods, the costs involved and information designed to help people choose between the different types of Full Mouth Implants available.

People visit us from across the UK, because of our ability to provide full jaw replacement teeth in a single sitting, with the final teeth!

It saves surgery time, and is, therefore, less expensive overall.

Complete Smile Transformation

We are regularly amazed at the life-changing effects of replacement teeth, transforming people’s lives is a privilege and a pleasure for us. In most cases, the new smile is better than the original teeth.

We do everything we can to both deliver high-quality components and high levels of care and to be affordable.

Same Day Full Mouth Dental Implants

We offer innovative whole and partial jaw dental implant techniques, practised over hundreds of cases, to enable full mouth implant teeth, fitted in a single visit.  We use the best possible quality implant materials, from a German manufacturer, Ankylos, which bond well with the jaw and last a long time to offer the best value.

Full Sets of Dental Implants

The whole jaw Dental Implants are all connected to a titanium frame which is immune to decay and ultra reliable. The phrase ‘whole mouth’ implants will be a choice between a single jaw, or both, entirely up to the patient circumstances.

Using the very latest WeldOne implant techniques we build a customised and personalised frame for your jaw, which achieves the ultimate strength required to enable the same day fitting of the final teeth.

The Strongest Frame

Connecting the ‘screw in teeth’ to this frame provides an incredibly secure base on which we can fit either porcelain or acrylic teeth to replace the ones you have lost.

This unique full jaw stability means that patients leave the clinic with their final full set of replacement teeth just hours after they arrive, no temporary solutions are needed.

Our Dental Implantologist

Andrew Fennell leads the dental implant team to deliver same day full mouth dental implants.

We delight in meeting those who believe they are not suitable for dental implants. We can treat almost any case, and people come to us from all over the country for their brand new smile.

Immediate Dental Implants?

As well as treating people who know what they need, many are not sure. If you are worried you may be about to lose all or some of your teeth; please talk to us, as we can help. Acting sooner can often slow deterioration, and in some cases save lots of time.

Things are likely not as bad as you think, and we are always happy to guide you through the range of solutions, as quickly or slowly as you need to go.

Full Mouth Dental Implant Costs

Let’s address this, because there is no doubt, replacing the teeth is not cheap. And while the costs for full mouth dental implants do vary across the UK, usually, though, it is based on the following elements

  • The method used, and whether the treatment can be done in a single visit (as we do here), less clinical time is less expensive for the patient.
  • The manufacture of the dental implant materials, which vary significantly in cost (to us).
  • The time is taken to carry out the treatment (experience of the dentist and efficiency). If there are fewer repeat visits, it means lower clinical costs.
  • The overheads of the practice are a factor; expensive rents will elevate the underlying costs of dental clinics.

Winning Smiles operates an advanced, digital, dental implant clinic conveniently located slightly out of town between Brentwood and Romford, near the M25 in Essex.

Below is as much information as we can muster with some photos and costs.

Our three treatment options to replace all the teeth in the upper or lower jaw (or a complete set)

Option 1: Implant retained dentures

Costs from £5, 600 (Lower Jaw)

Costs from £9, 000 (Upper Jaw)

Using implants to secure a denture is the most cost-effective way of replacing all the teeth in one jaw. Implant dentures rest on the gum but have 4 or more implants to hold them in place. This method addresses one of the significant problems that patients talk about with older style dentures – the fact that they will never sit still!

NB: The difference in costs between the lower and the upper jaw is because we need to fit twice as many implants in the upper jaw. The bone isn’t as strong, and the denture needs extra support.

Implant dentures stay firmly fixed in place and allow you to eat hard foods again and talk with the confidence that they won’t fall out mid-sentence!

Option 2: Titanium-Acrylic permanently fixed implant bridge teeth

Cost from £12,000 (lower jaw)

3D digital imaging enables us to create custom titanium frameworks with a full set of acrylic upper or lower teeth fixed permanently to them. The whole mouth set screwed into place onto your implants.

whole jaw replacement teethwhole jaw replacement acrylic teeth


• This is a very cost-effective option because the additional strength provided by the titanium bar means that fewer implants are required than for a full set of porcelain teeth.

• We use off-the-shelf acrylic teeth which are far less expensive than custom-made porcelain ones but still look very natural (see photos)

• A full set of porcelain teeth will take more than a week to replace or repair in the event of an accidental breakage: we fix the acrylic teeth on the same day.

Option 3: Porcelain implant bridge teeth on implants

Cost £19, 000

In this treatment option, Winning Smiles use Harley Street technicians to create a top of the range, bespoke set of porcelain teeth for you. In our view, cheap porcelain bridge teeth are not worth considering. They actually look far less attractive than well made acrylic teeth, so if money is an issue, acrylic teeth (which can look stunning nowadays) are well worth considering.

Custom-made porcelain teeth rest on 6-8 implants, which provides each jaw with enough strength to support a full set of 12-14 teeth.

porcelain replacement teeth whole jawwhole mouth full set dental implants


As well as looking beautiful, there is only a small area of contact with the gum, which makes cleaning easy and can look very realistic if the gums are in good condition, without a lot of bone shrinkage

Does it hurt?

The most surprising thing about Dental Implants is that there is very little pain. It looks like it should hurt, but the reality is that most dental pain is caused by touching a nerve on a live tooth. In this instance, we’re removing teeth entirely, so while there is some discomfort, we are practice pain management at Winning Smiles, we take the time and give all our consideration to the comfort of the patient, and never rush.

Painless Dental Implant Treatments as Standard

While the operation is being carried out your jaw is numbed so that you don’t feel any pain. It is entirely natural to be nervous, and you can choose sedation if you wish.

In our experience, if you have one or two implants inserted, you will be able to go back to work or to resume normal activities on the same day.

If you have multiple implants or a full jaw treatment, you will need a couple of days’ recovery time as you would with any other operation.

What material should you choose?

Acrylic dentures have made this option more affordable, and at the same time they now last longer, are less likely to sustain damage and are more easily repaired.

The reason acrylic teeth are less expensive than porcelain, is something to do with material but more importantly acrylic is more straightforward to manufacture, it requires less manual input and is more forgiving of damage.

In other words, it is that porcelain has so much manual labour input that makes them expensive, it is a difficult material to repair, and replacement is the more likely result of damage.

However, porcelain does retain an incredible lustre for long periods of time, so as always, it is a balance between appearance and function.

What does the full mouth treatment involve?

After an initial free consultation to find out whether dental implants are the right treatment for you, we carry out an immediate detailed assessment and x-rays using our specialist low-dose dental CT scanner.

Having the CT scanner in-house at Winning Smiles prevents costly hospital CT referrals (up to £600!)

We will provide a written assessment and include all the costs, so there are no surprises.

When do you need Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the perfect solution in a range of situations. They may be just what you are looking for if:

  • you have just lost one or more teeth;
  • you know you are about to lose one or more teeth;
  • you are frightened you may be about to lose some or all of your teeth;
  • you have recently lost/ started to lose your teeth but don’t want dentures (false teeth);
  • you currently have dentures and don’t like wearing them;
  • you can’t wear dentures because they make you gag or choke

Why choose Winning Smiles?

Winning Smiles have been doing private adult cosmetic dentistry for 15 years. We have fitted around 1,000 dental implants, and have the latest technology to make our service accurate, comfortable and considerate.

We place the health of your teeth at the heart of every decision we make and we always explain and talk through all your options with you. We practice pain-free dentistry.

The Free Consultation

Without seeing things for ourselves, we can’t tell people what their options are.

And so with that in mind, we are happy to offer free consultations, as this is a big decision for most people. We are careful to take budget, comfort and appearance into account when explaining all the available choices and there is never any pressure to proceed, and certainly not on the day.

We set out to be a friendly practice and try to provide everybody with what’s right for them, at an affordable cost. We hope our dentist reviews give that impression.

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Implant Price List

Dental Plan Membership

Cost per Month£19.90


Member Prices From
Full Case Assessment - Implants£175
CT Scan£180

Denture Pricing

Member Prices From
Partial Acrylic Dentures£450-£800
Full Dentures (per jaw)£1,650
Temporary Denture£420
Chrome Denture£1500

Dental Implant Treatment

Member Prices From
Implant Full Arch Ceramic Bridge£19,000
Implant bridge 8 teeth with surgery£12,000
Implant retained denture on 4 implants£9,000
Lower implant retained denture on 2 implants£5,600
Implant bridge 5 teeth£4,900
Implant surgery£1,200
Implant crown imps£1,150
Implant denture bar£1,150
Minor Bone Graft£650
Implant removal£495
Implant bridge pontic£600
Implant ret denture reline£260

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