Why precision 3D X-ray images are essential for safe and successful dental implant surgery.


It should be fairly obvious that in order to fit dental implants safely and successfully, you need to have a skilled and experienced surgeon. But did you know just how much the procedure also relies on having incredibly precise 3D images of the jaw bone? These are the X-ray images that allow the surgeon to plan the exact position and placement of an implant and they make sure that:

-the implants don’t ‘hit’ any vital structures during insertion (like arteries and nerves)
-the implants are placed so that the final implant crown or bridge ends up in the right position in the mouth

So what are the consequences of getting this wrong?

-a numb lip (possibly forever)
-a hemorrhage during surgery
-teeth ending up in the wrong place and looking ‘goofy’!

At Winning Smiles, we know how crucial this precise 3D imaging of the jaw bone is. That’s why we use the latest Specialist Dental CT scanner to produce 3D images of the jaws before surgery. These machines provide superb high-resolution, high-definition images. Armed with this level of information we have safely and successfully fitted around 600 dental implants in the last few years.

And because the new generation of ‘cone beam’ dental CT units work with a radiation dose many times below that of hospital CT Scanners, they are not only more convenient (the whole procedure can be carried out here at our clinic), but they are also much safer.

So if you’re looking for safe, convenient, successful implant surgery…..you can rest assured that all comes as routine for you here.

An example screen grab from our Specialist Dental CT Scanner
An example screen grab from our Specialist Dental CT Scanner