New Teeth in a Day

A complete new set of teeth (a full arch either at the top, bottom or both) can be fitted, in a day, without the need to go anywhere near a hospital.

Same Day Implant Teeth

When we tell people that the Teeth in a Day treatment is carried out under light sedation so that many patients doze through the procedure, only to wake up with a new set of teeth – they can’t believe their ears. Not only that, 8 out of 10 patients take pain killers for less than 24 hours after the procedure.

Not only is it entirely possible and quick, it can transform the quality of life. We love doing these cases, it’s the most positive thing that we do.

There are now ‘new’ methods that allow us to offer a complete full arch of new teeth from £12,500, and these will often feel better than the originals.

Other, older methods are still available, where temporaries are provided in certain cases. But wherever possible we prefer the immediate implant placement as there are fewer appointments for the patient. The new ways are more convenient and less expensive treatment, what could be better.

We also do immediate dental implants for single teeth

The Process

The process is straightforward

  • Free Consultation
  • CT Scan
  • Transformation Day
  • Short Appointment for any adjustments

Ongoing care is important, hygiene appointments will be needed.

The Free Consultation

At your consultation we will spend about half an hour talking to you about your dental problems and what solutions are available to you. We will also look at your mouth to help us to see what the issues are with our own eyes.

Don’t worry. We will not be poking and prodding you, or taking moulds, or bombarding you with xrays and sales-talk.

The best thing about the consultation is that you get to meet us face to face and have a real conversation about what you wish to achieve – and where relevant – what has stopped you from coming before now.

By the end of the consultation you will

  • Have a reasonable idea of whether you are suitable for this treatment -over 90% of patients are
  • Have a very good idea of what your financial investment will be for this treatment
  • Know that we are very easy to talk to, won’t patronise you or put pressure on you, and appreciate that many of our patients are very nervous about our profession
  • Know whether we can work within your time-frame ie many patients come because they have a specific event which they want to smile at like a family wedding, holiday etc

If you are happy to proceed with the next step (there is never any pressure to do this) then we will book your next appointment which is our full clinical investigation and the CT scan.

Full clinical investigation and CT scan

The aim of this appointment is to carry out our due diligence: planning, record taking, preparation – the foundation of our treatment which ensures that everything runs smoothly with no unwanted surprises

To plan your treatment we will

  • Take a CT scan of the jaw or jaws we are treating (the CT scanner at our clinic is a specialist dental scanner which gives us precise 3D images of your jaw and allows us to ‘virtually’ place your implants. They are chosen by us from a library of various different sizes and shapes to suit your specific requirements. We can then order them directly from our implant company
  • Take photographs of the mouth and teeth – this helps us to understand what the cosmetic issues are and how to solve them – not just the teeth but the lip position, cheek fullness – all of which can be influenced by the final shape and size of the new teeth in the mouth
  • Carry out a full clinical investigation of the mouth, existing teeth, gum health, presence or not of decay, stability of remaining teeth, infections etc
  • Carry out an oral cancer screen, including checking for enlarged lymph nodes and pre cancerous lesions
  • Jaw joint health check

The finding from this assessment will be discussed with you at the time and we will be able to give you details about the treatment solutions available and what is best for you given your needs, time frame and pocket.

A full report will be sent to you outlining the findings and the results and discussion written in plain English not dental-speak!

About three quarters of patients who come will be suitable for our Immediate Teeth on Implants solution.

If your case is straightforward, the next step is to book a day of your choice for your dental transformation!

Transformation Day

Most of our patients opt to be lightly sedated for this appointment.

If you are to be sedated you will need to come with a family member or friend who can take you home afterwards and be with you. The sedation makes you a bit drowsy and uncoordinated (it feels like you have had a few glasses of wine).

Once your sedative pills are working and you are feeling nicely relaxed we will take you into the clinic to make the mouth numb using our Dental Wand (no big scary syringes !)

We remove the teeth in the jaw we are working on (or both) and put your implants into the sockets of these teeth. Where teeth are missing the implants will be put directly into the jaw. Usually we use 6 implants for an upper jaw and 4 in the lower. This is because in the upper the bone is not as strong as it is in the lower jaw.

We then fit your temporary implant bridge directly onto the implants – all in the same sitting.

You are ready to go home with your new smile!

This process takes about 3-4 hours

Your investment for this treatment would be from £13500 for the lower jaw and £15000 for the upper jaw.

Post Treatment

Once the new teeth are fitted it is necessary for you to return for short appointments to remove stitches, take xrays to check the healing of the bone around the implants, and make any necessary adjustments which may be required in the first few weeks following the treatment.

There is no charge for the follow up appointments in the first few weeks after your treatment.

Fitting the permanent implant teeth

After a healing period of 2-3 months we will remove the temporary bridge and take impressions for the permanent teeth which are fitted after 3 or 4 short appointments.

Finally it will be necessary for you to spend a session or two learning how to clean under your new teeth with our hygienist once the gums have healed.

How long will my new teeth last? What guarantees are there?

Your new teeth will be made of Composite with a hidden metal frame inside to give them the strength they need to survive in the mouth over time.

Studies show that the majority of this type of bridge will last 5 years or more with twice yearly hygiene and maintenance visits.

If a fracture does occur it can usually be repaired while you wait by our technician.

Over a very long time the teeth will wear and stain. How quickly this occurs is related to how strong your bite is and what sort of diet you have (eg if you drink a lot of coffee and red wine then they will stain more quickly)

Normally stains will be removed by the hygienist who will regularly polish your teeth to keep them as stain free as possible.


Our composite bridges are guaranteed for 2 years against any defect. We will replace or repair any damage during this period. Conditions apply.

The dental implants supporting your bridges are guaranteed against any defect for 5 years. Conditions apply.

Who are our patients?

We have been providing dental implant solutions for well over a decade now and the most striking thing about the patient stories is how similar they are!

  • ‘I need a new set of teeth that look like real teeth and work like real teeth, and I need them asap’
  • ‘I didn’t know that my problem could be solved. I thought my only option was dentures.’
  • ‘I have had dentures for years which are getting looser and looser and more difficult to wear as time goes on. I can only eat soft food, and worry about social engagements for fear of my teeth embarrassing me’
  • ‘I have many missing teeth, I know that the ones that are left are on their last legs, I HATE my smile and have trouble enjoying my food – I’m so concerned about my wobbly teeth that I only eat very soft food. This has been going on for years.’
  • ‘I have been terrified of the dentist for years since having bad experiences with dentists in my childhood. I plucked up the courage to go and see one recently who told me that he will have to take my teeth out and give me a denture! ‘
  • ‘I never want to wear a denture’
  • ‘I want a nice set of new teeth but I need them now. I’ve been told my treatment will take months but I can’t face months without a stable set of teeth’
  • ‘I’ve been quoted *lots* to replace my teeth with implant teeth. I just can’t afford it.’
  • ‘If I am going to go ahead with this kind of major treatment, I need a dentist who understand how frightened I am, takes the time to discuss in depth my needs and fears, and is able to provide this treatment PAIN FREE!’

The Free Consultation

Without seeing things for ourselves, we can’t tell people what their options are.

And so with that in mind, we are happy to offer free consultations, as this is a big decision for most people. We are careful to take budget, comfort and appearance into account when explaining all the available choices and there is never any pressure to proceed, and certainly not on the day.

We set out to be a friendly practice and try to provide everybody with what’s right for them, at an affordable cost. We hope our dentist reviews give that impression.

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Dental Implants Price List

All costs for Dental Implants are correct when written, but they can change. We will provide written pricing for each ‘cosmetic treatment’ as part of our free consultation. You don’t have to be a member to have treatment at Winning Smiles.

Dental Plan Membership

It is free to join
Cost per Month£18.90


Member Prices
Case Assessement£158
CT Scan£165

Denture Pricing

Member Prices From:
Partial Acrylic Dentures£331-£646
Full Dentures (per jaw)£1,200
Temporary Denture£415
Chrome Denture£1500

Dental Implant Treatment

Member Prices From:
Single Tooth Implant Surgery£1,175
Crown Single Tooth£1,075
Lower Implant Denture - on two simple implants£5,000
Lower Implant Denture - on four simple implants£8,000
Upper Implant Denture - on four simple implants£8,000
Titanium acrylic full upper bridge£12,500
Titanium acrylic full lower bridge£12,500
Metal Ceramic full upper bridge£18,500
Metal Ceramic full lower bridge£18,500

What they say about us

Implant Denture Review

Andrew has removed all my upper teeth and I have had an implant denture fitted. Surgery day was completely pain free and following it, not a single pain killer required. The hardest thing was to put up with a temporary denture for 3 months. On final fitting of my implant denture I could finally chew food and I murdered a kebab on the first night!!

Also my upper teeth now look fantastic and natural.

Don’t hesitate and go to Winning Smiles.

Tricky Implants Case

Excellent quality of service and treatment even for trickier cases.

After searching for a new dentist I was delighted to find Winning Smiles, impressed by the service and pleased with the affordable and comprehensive dental plan.

The team are all very friendly, happy to help arrange appointments around shift patterns and answer questions and queries. The hygienists and dentists offer an excellent level of treatment using the latest technology and heeding concerns with regard to how treatment is delivered, as well as patiently offering guidance and answering queries.

In a complex case concerning implants it was brilliant to have a team who worked out a schedule of treatment, kept me informed of progress and were able to accommodate a busy, working life.